Canadian Sikh Heritage | Newsletter
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Gur Sikh Temple Est. 1911 | National Historic Site | Khalsa Diwan Society Abbotsford

Welcome and introduction


Hello! Our team at the South Asian Studies Institute is introducing something new to kickoff the month of November: The Sikh Heritage Museum Newsletter!

We’ve collected years of archival images and stories from the Punjabi settler community in Canada and would like to share these stories, and updates about the National Historic Site, Gur Sikh Temple’s Sikh Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, BC., in a newsletter.

We are excited to release these small anecdotes of historic brilliance and encourage YOU to share these emails with anyone that would also appreciate the telling of these amazing stories. If you’re receiving this newsletter for the first time shared by a friend or colleague, click the “subscribe” button below to start regularly receiving these newsletters.