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Current Exhibition

An Ocean of Peace: Challenging 100 Years of Sikhs in New Westminster


June 19 2022


June 19 2022 –  May 2023


Gur Sikh Temple Sikh Heritage Museum

The exhibit, titled ‘An Ocean of Peace’ was originally displayed at the Anvil Centre by the New Westminster Museum and Archives in 2019.

The exhibit, curated by Paneet Singh and Naveen Girn was a celebration of New Westminster’s Sikh community, its presence for over 100 years, and the history of the Sukh Sagar Gurdwara.

Khalsa Diwan Society Abbotsford President Jatinder Singh provided a warm welcome followed by Naveen Girn, and New Westminster Cultural Manager Robert McCullough. Belle Puri, a long standing reporter with the CBC provided a keynote address sharing stories about her family’s deep history in New Westminster, as well as stories about her mother, Nsibe Kaur, who was the first woman of South Asian descent to earn a high school degree in BC. You can learn more about Belle’s family story by visiting the South Asian Canadian Digital Archive.

For more information contact:

SATWINDER BAINS : 604-854-4547

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