Canadian Sikh Heritage | Dhan Kaur Banga
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Dhan Kaur Banga

In 1924 Nand Singh Banga who had been residing in Canada since 1920, returned to India to marry.  Within the year, as was the law at the time, Nand Singh returned to Abbotsford with his new wife, Dhan Kaur.  A stranger in a foreign environment, with few other Indian women with which to associate, Dhan Kaur missed the family structure she had left in India.

The couple had five children:  Bhagwan Kaur, Ajit, Bim, Isher Kaur and Mohinder. In 1938 Dhan Kaur took her daughters and youngest son and returned to India permanently to oversee family matters and to be back in familiar surroundings.  Bim, his father Nand, and older brother, Ajit, made occasional trips back to India to visit.

Dhan Kaur passed away in 1952 in India. Eventually the siblings who had returned to India with their mother immigrated to Canada.