Canadian Sikh Heritage | Niranjan Singh Thauli
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Niranjan Singh Thauli

Niranjan Singh Thauli came to Canada in 1906 at the age of 20. His first job was at a dairy farm in Milner, BC but he left after three years and moved to Chilliwack to work in a lumber yard.  Throughout this time he maintained deep connections with the Abbotsford Sikh community, attending religious meetings at Mill Lake and working to establish the Abbotsford Gur Sikh temple from 1908-1911. In 1912 Niranjan returned to India to marry Rattan Kaur. In 1919 Niranjan began working for the Abbotsford Lumber Company. Over the years he served as head priest, held positions on the Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford executive committee and was active in all aspects of community life. The couple had four children:  Gurbax Singh, Karpal Kaur, Gian Singh and Malkit Singh. Niranjan passed away in June 1982, and his wife, Rattan Kaur, passed away in 1992 at the age of 102.