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Canadian Sikh Heritage Website Sponsors

Through the support of Canadian Culture Online, Government of Canada, the Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford, the Canadian Sikh Heritage Research Team, WebSix: the web developers, as well as supporters from the local community and the University College of the Fraser Valley’s Centre for Indo Canadian Studies, this website has brought Canada’s unique history to the forefront.

As you explore this website, there are a number of detailed sections, some of which will provide you with an understanding of the history of the first Sikh pioneers to migrate to British Columbia, their amazing life stories, experiences, and accomplishments; and finally, the major role which the Khalsa Diwan Society and the Gur Sikh Temple has played in such an intrinsic and colourful history.

The focus of the website centers around the establishment of the Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford as a National Heritage Site of Canada. However, in order to understand the full context of British Columbia’s past, please do explore the sections explaining the history of Sikhism and the Passage to Canada, which includes interviews with Sikh pioneers and images from their past. We hope that in exploring the many aspects of this website, that you, the audience, will gain a live, visual, and historical understanding on the 100 year history of Sikh migration to British Columbia and the significance of such a history to the historical framework of Canadian history.