Canadian Sikh Heritage | Current and Past Exhibitions
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Current and Past Exhibitions

The South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) curates and manages exhibitions at the Sikh Heritage Museum. Explore our current and past exhibitions below!

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Desis in the Diaspora Exhibit Launch

In the year 1907 South Asians living in Canada were denied the right to vote in Canada. This, in spite of the fact that South Asians had a formidable presence in Canada beginning in 1897. Forty years of lobbying, community rallying, fundraising and protesting finally resulted in the South Asian’s gaining the right to vote in 1947.

In commemoration of the 150th celebrations of Canadian Confederation, the South Asian Studies Institute curated an exhibit highlighting this significant, yet underappreciated struggle within Canadian history.

The exhibit, based on months of intensive archival research, was titled (Dis) Enfranchisement 1907-1947: The Forty-Year Struggle for the Vote.

The exhibit launched on February 19th, 2017 with a wonderful show of community support for the project and the narrative. Below you will see the online catalogue which showcases the exhibit panels and archives collected as well as their bibliographic sources.

Click below to view the (Dis)enfranchisement Exhibit

Click below to view the Canada 150 Historical Timeline 


The Sikh Heritage Museum launched its 8th official exhibit

March, 2016. The exhibit is titled ‘Evolving Interpretations: Sikhism and Women’ and is available for viewing until December, 2016

Canadian Sikhs in WWI: The Forgotten Story.

The seventh official exhibition at the Sikh Heritage Museum featured the story of the ten Canadian-Sikh soldiers who served in WWI. Exhibition Runs from January 2015-December 2015.