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National Historic Site and Sikh Heritage Museum

Welcome to the site for the Gur Sikh Temple, National Historic Site and Sikh Heritage Museum. This historic site is located in Abbotsford, BC., Canada. The site, originally built by Sikh settlers in 1911, was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002. In 2011, the Sikh Heritage Museum was created on the ground floor during the Centennial celebrations.

Gur Sikh Temple

There is a unique Sikh place of worship on South Fraser Way in Abbotsford, BC called The Gur Sikh Gurdwara (temple). A hundred+ year old Sikh religious institution, built by struggling settlers (started in 1908); this temple is a testament to the pride, vision and steadfastness of a settler community at the turn of the last century.

National Historic Site

The Gur Sikh Temple in  Abbotsford, BC, now over 105 years old, was recognized with the designation of a National  Historic Site of Canada on July 31, 2002 by the Government of Canada. Identifying buildings and structures of special interest lie at the heart of the Canadian heritage ministry, and designation is always taken with much care and thought. 

Sikh heritage Museum

The Sikh Heritage Museum was founded and first opened in the year 2011 as part of the Centennial celebrations of the Gur Sikh Temple (est. 1911). Since its founding in  2011, the Museum has put on 13 exhibits, ranging from subjects including: The Ghadar Revolution, Sikh Feminism, the Komagata Maru, The Sikh festival of Hola Mohallah and South Asians and Hockey.

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