Canadian Sikh Heritage | Challenge and Denial: Komagata Maru
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Komagata Maru

Exhibition Dates:

January 2014 – January 2015


Sikh Heritage Museum

The exhibition titled, “Challenge and Denial-Komagata Maru 100 Years Later, 1914-2014” featured two parts. The first part of the exhibition was a detailed timeline which looking at the trajectory of the history of South Asian migration to British Columbia and Canada. The majority of the timeline focused however from May 23, 1914 to July 23, 1914-during the two months that the Komagata Maru was forced to stay along the Burrard Inlet and those passengers on board were illegally not allowed to land.

The second part of the exhibition featured the paintings of renowned local artist, Jarnail Singh, who had depicted the Komagata Maru tragedy with the title “Komagata Maru Stories.” These stories are based on the stories as written by Punjabi playwright and author Ajmer Rode.