Canadian Sikh Heritage | Kartar Kaur Gill
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Kartar Kaur Gill

Kartar Kaur Gill was married to Indar Singh Gill. When her husband first immigrated to Canada in 1930, Kartar Kaur and her baby daughter, Gurcharan Kaur, were left behind in India.

In 1947 the Canadian government relaxed its strict immigration laws and after a 17 year separation Indar Singh returned to India to bring Kartar Kaur to Canada.  Gurcharan had passed away when she was only nine years old.  The couple’s son, Nachatter “Nash” Singh Gill was born in India in 1948.

The family migrated to Canada via steamship in 1949.  When the vessel stopped in Hawaii mid-journey, Indar Singh bought Kartar Kaur her first set of Western clothing to help her assimilate into Canadian culture. The family settled in Mission and had two more children:  Baljit and Malkiat.