Canadian Sikh Heritage | Dalip Singh Gill
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Dalip Singh Gill

Dalip Singh Gill was born in the village of Dalla, Punjab in approximately 1886. Dalip’s father’s name was Fardar Singh Gill and his mother’s name was Bhani Kaur. Dalip Singh was married to Har Kaur and fathered three children in India: Govind Kaur, Joginder Singh and Inder Singh. Dalip Singh left Punjab in late 1907 taking a ship from Calcutta to Hong Kong, to Honolulu, arriving at Vancouver in early 1908. Dalip Singh then made his way to Prince Rupert, B.C. in search of work. There he befriended the McPhee couple and began to work at their mill sending much of his income to his family in India.

Dalip Singh lived and worked for 40 years at the McPhee home and was an avid duck hunter, often going on hunting trips with Mr. McPhee. Dalip Singh retired in 1950 and moved to New Westminster, living his last decade at the gurdwara there. Having no family in Canada, he remained close to the Puri family as Nancy Puri was his best friend’s daughter. During this time, he arranged the marriage of his granddaughter (daughter of Inder Singh Gill) Parsin Kaur to Malkit Singh Dhaliwal in India. She came to Canada in 1958 and remained the only grandchild he ever met. Parsin Kaur soon sponsored her two brothers Ranjit Singh and Gurmel Singh. Dalip Singh Gill passed away on October 16, 1960 at the age of 73, succumbing to his heart condition.