Canadian Sikh Heritage | Gurdial Singh Powar
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Gurdial Singh Powar

Gurdial Singh Powar, hailing from the village Mithapur in District Jalandhar, Punjab, India first came to Canada in the year 1972 at the age of 41. He was the son of Gian Kaur and Puran Singh Powar. After attaining his grade ten education, Gurdial Singh served in the Indian army for three years until his Uncle invited him to work as an electrician on his property located in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Before his arrival to Canada, Gurdial Singh held a distinguished position as a technical supervisor in the Indian Central Government. The first person to come to Vancouver, Canada out of Gurdial’s family was his brother Gurbaksh Singh Powar who came to Canada in the year 1956. Gurdial Singh’s initial purpose to come to Canada was to visit, that was why he came alone and without his wife and children (two sons and one daughter). Eventually, however, and with persuasion from friends and family, Gurdial Singh decided to bring his family to Canada and make it his permanent home in 1976. Upon his arrival to Canada, Gurdial Singh did some refresher night courses in Vancouver focusing on electrical engineering and motor winding as well as auto relay control. During this time, he would take his courses at night, and then work in a garage during the day. Eventually however, Gurdial Singh was easily able to find work along the same field working in the Stuart Mill Goldmine. The first home Gurdial Singh purchased for his family was located at 5163 Mayor Street in Vancouver which was very close-by the South Asian Main Street market. From Vancouver, the family soon moved to Richmond until Gurdial Singh decided to purchase some land in Langley and begin farming strawberries. Unfortunately, the land didn’t produce the product as he desired so Gurdial Singh sold the property after three years. All three of Gurdial Singh’s children were married in Canada, and he is proud of his children and grandchildren, thoroughly enjoying his retirement. When reflecting on his life and decision to migrate to Canada, he is happy with the choices he has made in life.